Possible impersonator/spoofer/scammer??!!

I got the most disturbing email earlier and as much as I wanted to dismiss it as some nutter or someone trying to f*ck with Me, I can’t help but feel extremely disturbed by the possibility that it’s not.

The email was from someone I’ve never communicated with before and stated:

“Hi, I just got one of your robocalls. Do not contact me again about services, I am not interested in what you are selling.”

Umm, what? Just the thought that I (or anyone in this lifestyle) would “cold call” random strangers to see if they were interested in some BDSM play is absurd. I’m trying to get more information from this person but not sure he will respond. But seriously?! I can’t even figure out what the end game of the “impersonator” would be.

So, I just figured I should post this Public Service Announcement: I don’t ever randomly contact strangers to see if they wish to serve. Anyone with a modicum of intellect should realise that, but if you’ve received a call from someone claiming to be Me, it most definitely was not Me. The only way for new potential slaves/ subs to communicate with Me is to email Me to one of My listed emails and wait for My response.

So bizarre…

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