Screening/ Verification Requirements

I am very selective about who I see, and in order for me to feel safe seeing you, you must agree to be screened. If you are not comfortable with this, then I am not the Mistress for you, please look elsewhere.

* If you are Preferred411 verified please send me a message from your P411 account *

* If you are RS2k verified let me know and I will verify you through there*

I guarantee that this information will not be seen by anyone but myself and will be deleted after our initial session. Since I myself am verified with both P411 and RS2K, (the longest running and most trusted verification services available) you can trust that your information is safe with me.

Basic screening requirements include:

  1. Your full legal name
  2. Your primary mobile or business number (No VOIP/internet numbers, and if you do book a session I will ask you to confirm with me by text message, so this should be the same number you will be texting me from.)
  3. Your primary email
  4. A pic of your photo ID (you may cover personal information such as address and Drivers license number, as long as I can clearly see your name and face)

In addition to the above, I may also require one or more of the following:

1. A selfie of you holding your ID

2. One, or preferably two references from providers you’ve seen. These must be currently active providers with a current website or advertising. You must send me the direct link to either their website or current ad. Also, I would recommend you check with them before using them as a reference.


3. If you do not have references, I may need employment verification. You may send a link to your LinkedIn profile, a photo of your business card or work ID, or a link to your business website and an email sent to me from your business email.