Entitled little wankers need not apply

I was inspired to write this post after a recent interaction with a potential “sub” who actually was more as described in this title.

After some discussion in email, he said a few things that raised some red flags and made Me feel uncomfortable about playing with him, so I chose to decline the session. At that point he only confirmed my suspicions further by threatening to “say bad things about me online”. Right. Clearly I made the right choice.

I mean, seriously? you really think that you not getting butt hurt is more important than My personal feelings of safety and comfort in playing with you? Get over yourself, stop pretending to be a submissive because you’re clearly a self important, manipulative little cry baby.

So let this be a lesson to all potential slaves/ subs who contact Me hoping to serve Me; keep in mind that word “potential”. Just because you want to serve Me does not guarantee you will be allowed to. How you conduct yourselves and communicate with Me in discussing a potential session will determine everything. If you come across in any way as disrespectful, pushy, trying to push boundaries of my clearly established protocols, asking Me to discuss explicit details of what I will do during our session, refuse required screening, if something negative shows up in your screening, or if you do or say anything that raises a red flag or makes Me feel uncomfortable in any way, I RESERVE THE RIGHT NOT TO SEE YOU. I am in no way obligated to see you just because you ask Me to. you are the “potential” slave, I am the Domme, I owe you nothing. If I choose not to see you, be respectful of that and move on. Or go cry to your mommy. Whatever. But acting all butt hurt and threatening to “say bad things about me online” is just outing yourself as an entitled little wanker who never deserved to serve Me in the first place.

You may carry on with your day now. Remember this valuable lesson should you desire to serve Me.

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