Coming soon.. Mistress’s Musings

Today I was thinking about what a magical lifestyle this is. I truly adore being a Mistress, I feel that I’ve always been naturally inclined to this lifestyle and that being a Domina was genuinely a calling in life for me. I have these adventures on a regular basis and there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to get into that Domme space with one of my slaves, whilst I weave a fantastical scene that transcends us to another realm. I’ve acquired quite a nice harem of slaves over the past several years as a Mistress, and every scene is a new chapter in the story. But, not exactly the kind of stories I can talk about at Sunday brunch lol. So, I was thinking it could be enjoyable for me to share some of these stories and insights here. And don’t worry, all names will be changed to protect the guilty 😉

Stay tuned…

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